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Ferrer4Future was created in 2019 to build bridges between Ferrer and digital health start-ups.

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What is Ferrer4Future?

An open innovation program that aims to empower entrepreneurs and digital health businesses to develop disruptive health solutions through the use of digital technologies.

The Ferrer4Future partnership program is an initiative introduced by Ferrer with the goal of fostering collaboration between start-ups and ourselves. We, at Ferrer, strongly believe in prioritizing the needs of patients and developing digital solutions that bring value across the patient care value chain, including physicians, caregivers, payers, hospitals, and more. Our objective is to address these needs in a way that enhances the human experience of patients. We also acknowledge the importance of striking a balance between the knowledge and experience of pharmaceutical companies like ours and the innovation and agility of start-ups and small businesses.

Through the Ferrer4Future program, we seek to establish a collaborative platform where we can explore digital health solutions together with start-ups. By joining forces, we aim to contribute to the creation of healthier societies.

What is Ferrer4Future?


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F4F program

  • Access Access

    We will act as a point of reference, facilitating introductions to key stakeholders in the health industry.

  • Investment Investment

    We will provide funding to pilot and validate the solution.

  • Scale Scale

    We will help accelerate your growth looking towards establishing a mutually beneficial commercial agreement.

  • Guidance Guidance

    We will help navigate regulatory and go-to-market pathways.

Success cases

PAHcare: Driving patient empowerment together with Wellthy Therapeutics
PAHcare: Driving patient empowerment together with Wellthy Therapeutics

By combining Wellthy Therapeutics’ expertise in digital therapeutics and Ferrer’s deep understanding of PAH treatment, we have created an innovative and user-friendly app that can enhance/transform the way patients manage their condition.

Ferrer and Sense4Care collaborate to lead the way in OFF episodes management for Parkinson's Disease
Ferrer and Sense4Care collaborate to lead the way in OFF episodes management for Parkinson’s Disease

Ferrer and Sense4Care are actively engaged in a medical device development project that addresses unmet needs related to OFF episodes in individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease.