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Making a positive impact in society
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Here at Ferrer, we want to promote a new way of doing business and a new way of being in the world. We want to make a positive impact in society.

Our business is not an end in itself, but a means to generate substantial social change. We work to achieve a minimum level of profitability that guarantees the company’s sustainability and to reinvest a large part of our profits in initiatives with social and environmental impact, as well as in our people.

This purpose is central to each and every one of the decisions that we make in our day-to-day work.

Our conviction is such that the company’s strategic plan consists of just three pillars that define and will continue to define what we want to achieve in the future:


we are present in
of profits donated to social and environmental causes
investment in R&D
of R&D projects are in clinical research
investment in industrial assets
collaborators in the Ferrer team
training hours for employees
of the Management Committee are women
to positive impact projects
hours of volunteering in social and environmental projects
of people in Ferrer think it's a great place to work
of our electric power comes from renewable sources
reduction in our carbon footprint in the last year
reduction in emissions in the last year

Ferrer4Future Manifest

Our purpose is to develop digital and tech solutions bringing value across the patient care value chain, addressing real unmet clinical needs, and making a positive impact in society.

We build bridges between Ferrer and digital health start-ups. Ferrer4Future is our open innovation and co-development program designed to empower digital health entrepreneurs to develop disruptive health solutions by leveraging digital technologies.

Meet the team

Gemma Estrada

“We embrace the power of open innovation in digital health to enhance therapy management, improve treatment outcomes, and foster holistic patient experiences. Start-ups and Ferrer together, we collaboratively address unmet clinical needs in serious debilitating diseases. Through purposeful development of digital and tech solutions, we revolutionize the patient care value chain, making a positive impact on society and transforming lives”.

Gemma Estrada
Head of Digital Health & Technology

Who are we looking for?
  • Need Need

    Your solution addresses a verified unmet clinical need

  • Health Health

    Your solution helps patients suffering from illness related disabilities, i.e. beyond wellness

  • Focus Focus

    Your solution fits within the therapeutic focus of Ferrer

Meet the Digital Health & Technology team

Digital arm of the R&D department, with responsibilities ranging from needs finding to solutions sourcing and development

A multidisciplinary team, with business, engineering, and pharma expertise

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Digital Health Ambassadors

Multidisciplinary internal team of experts that support in the development of disruptive digital health solutions