Cookies policy

In order to comply with the terms of Article II of Act E4/I00I of 11 July on information society services and e-commerce, you are hereby informed by GRUPO FERRER INTERNACIONAL, S.A. (hereinafter referred to by its trade name, “FERRER”) that our Website uses cookies and similar technologies.

The purpose of this Policy is to inform the User, in a clear and complete manner, about the functions and purpose of cookies or similar technologies used on our Website.

By clicking on “Accept”, the User epresses his/her consent for:

1. The installation of cookies on the device used to access and browse the Website (e.g. computer browsers, mobile phones or tablets);
2. The use of cookies by the Website in accordance with the types of cookies described below;
3. The use of cookies or similar technologies to obtain and process the User’s personal data for the purposes described in this Cookies Policy

By clicking on “Configure”, the User can select which cookies will be installed and used, with the possibility of rejecting those which:

1. Are not used for the sole purpose of transmitting communications over an electronic communications network.
2. Are not strictly necessary for the information society service provider to render the service requested by the User.

1. What is cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the User’s browser when accessing the Website on any of his or her devices (e.g., computers, mobile phones or tablets). Cookies can be used to contribute to the Website’s functionality, usability and accessibility. Cookies also allow the Website to monitor, store and retrieve information about the User’s browsing habits (e.g. preferences, profiles, passwords, etc.) and to gather technical information regarding the browsability of web pages.

2. Types of cookies

There are various types of cookies depending on their function and purpose:

Analytical – These cookies collect information for the purpose of allowing websites to track the use made of them by users and their general activity, as well as to collect statistical data. Analytical cookies measure and collect data from the Website (visits, traffic parameters, clicks, page views, etc.) in order to understand and optimize the website.

Social – These are required by external social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Their purpose is to control the interaction of social media widgets on a website.

Behavioural advertising cookies – They collect information about users’ browsing habits and behaviour for the purpose of identifying their preferences, tastes and habits on a specific website. These cookies make it possible to adapt advertising content based on the analysis of the User’s browsing habits and by deducing certain User characteristics such as location, age group, gender.

Technical – The ones that are strictly necessary for the functionality and browsability of a web page, they allow the User to navigate through the page or application and to use the different options or services

Personalisation cookies – These cookies allow websites to preserve certain preferences (e.g. language, country, regional configuration, etc.) predefined by the User on his first visit (and subsequent) visits to the Website.

Third-party cookies – Third-party cookies are owned by third parties that are used by websites to manage and improve the content and services offered. For more information about cookies, the User may visit the All About website, accessible by following this link:

3. What types of cookies are used on this Website?


The ones that are strictly necessary for the functionality Technical and browsability of the site and to use the different options or services. The Website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter, “Google”), a company located in the United States. Data collected and processed by Google Analytics (including the User’s IP address) may be transferred to the United States and stored on Google servers located in that country.


Google Analyticsz_ga_gat_UA-69054749-6 Analytical Using Google Analytics cookies, FERRER analyses the User’s interaction with the Website, tracks the User’s browsing habits within the Website and collects data on his activity so that FERRER can measure its performance.

The User can deactivate Google Analytics by installing a disabling add-on. The User can obtain more information about this add-on at

4. How can I block or delete cookies?

Users can accept or decide which cookies they want to be installed and used by clicking on the “Accept” or “Configure” options of the cookie information displayed on a first layer.

However, as eplained above, some persistent cookies may still be installed in your browser. In this case, the User must configure the browser options used to block or delete them.

To assist the User in this task, we provide links to the main browsers where you can find information on the use of cookies and how to block or delete them.

5. Updating

This Cookie Policy is subject to change. We therefore recommend that you review this policy each time you access our Website in order to stay informed of any changes that may apply to you.

6. Cookie declaration


For further details, please refer to the following link for additional information.