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Go to the Challenge page and click on the “Apply” button for each individual challenge that you wish to apply.

We invite entrepreneurs and businesses from all corners of the globe and all development stages to apply for challenges. However, as we look for concrete solutions, the start-ups we work with tend to have a working minimum viable product or prototype.

Yes, you may apply to as many challenges as you wish.

We evaluate your solution on five key areas: does your solution address a verified need; is your solution unique or has a clear competitive edge over other solutions; is the business model suitable, sustainable and scalable; does the team have the right experience, motivation and capabilities; and finally, the degree of compatibility with Ferrer.

The winner will be announced and will be formally invited to enrol in the F4F program, kick-starting the solution co-development and commercial agreement negotiation phase.

In case that your solution does not quite solve any of the open challenges, but you would like to collaborate with us, we are curious to hear from you. Please click on the “Present your Start-up” and send us a message.

Ferrer is developing a portfolio of innovative products capable of transforming the lives of patients suffering from serious debilitating diseases. We are directing our efforts in two main therapeutic areas: Pulmonary vascular & interstitial lung diseases, and Neurological disorders.

Once enrolled in the F4F program, the collaborations proceed with ad hoc content and duration, that might be in between 3 to 18 months, depending on the starting point and envisioned solution.

No. Ferrer does not invest in start-ups or ask for equity. Through Ferrer4Future we invest in the development and validation of the solution to be codeveloped.

You may reach us through the “Contact us” form!