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PAHcare: Driving patient empowerment together with Wellthy Therapeutics

PAHcare: Driving patient empowerment together with Wellthy Therapeutics

By combining Wellthy Therapeutics’ expertise in digital therapeutics and Ferrer’s deep understanding of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, together we have created an innovative and user-friendly app that can transform the way patients manage their condition.

PAHcare, the digital solution born from the collaboration, is a Class I CE marked Software Medical Device that accompanies patients in the management of their condition by providing structured and personalized educational content, by facilitating the flow of information and structured clinical data between the patient and the doctor and, by offering access to a health coach to solve the questions of daily life and receive emotional and motivational support.

In the context of a Post-Market Clinical Follow-up study conducted in 2022, 94.7% of the users would recommend the program to their friends or family members. Although improvement in clinical outcomes still needs to be proven, the high levels of satisfaction and engagement demonstrate that the digital intervention is useful and that brings real value to the patients. Now, we’re ready to keep evolving and launch this solution in the market to make a wider impact.

Ferrer and Sense4Care collaborate to lead the way in OFF episodes management for Parkinson's Disease

Ferrer and Sense4Care collaborate to lead the way in OFF episodes management for Parkinson’s Disease

Ferrer and Sense4Care are actively engaged in a medical device development project that addresses unmet needs related to OFF episodes in individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease. This initiative aligns with Ferrer’s vision of establishing a strong presence in the realm of neurological disorders, acknowledging the increasing importance of digital solutions in improving patient care throughout the entire healthcare continuum.

Currently under development, the solution aims to tackle the challenges associated with managing OFF episodes in Parkinson’s disease. It involves the creation of a digital solution consisting of a motor sensor and a user-friendly app. This innovative approach is expected to offer a wide range of advantages to patients, caregivers and health professional teams.

The ongoing collaboration has proven to be an immensely positive experience, as it continues to progress steadily on the right track. Stay tuned for future updates on this project!